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Coach Rene Phillips shares first with FM Ron Simpson 2010 Land Of the Sky Bitz Championship over GM Ivanov!

posted Feb 2, 2010, 4:13 AM by Rene Phillips   [ updated Feb 2, 2010, 4:23 AM ]
 "Coach Rene' Phillips wins the 2010 Land of the Sky Blitz Chess Championship sharing 1st with Fide Master Ron Simpson! Phillips and Simpson shared the coveted "open" section Blitz title over GM Ivanov, and a slew of Fide and National Masters. Phillips was pictured collecting the huge prize fund in Saint's Will Smith Black and Gold Jersey! Yea! In the post tourney interview, Phillips related he had to win after putting on the Black and Gold Saints Jersey. Phillips says; "Winning over the top players here was a prelude to what the Saints will do next weekend. It is New Orleans time! We are on display before the whole world on a stage other than Katrina for the first time in a long time. I just wanted to do my part and represent. What time is it? It is New Orleans time! Regardless of who played in the tournament, it was destiny! I was out ranked in strength (on paper) by several players. On paper, I had no chance. Fortunately, paper is just that, "paper"! The statistics had no measure of my resolve, reserve, will to win for the city. Phillips commented; "This was my superbowl and I am bringng the title home to New Orleans! The saints will do the same. Our city is comprised of a people who are, overcomers, survivors, rebuilders, and champions of life. We don't beg for respect, we have earned it! The Saints will do likewise."