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posted Sep 27, 2009, 4:04 PM by Rene Phillips   [ updated Jun 16, 2014, 12:51 PM by Louisiana Chess ]

Hello all Louisiana scholastic players and parents. I have great enthusiasm about our scholastic chess season and players for the Louisiana 2009-2010 chess season. My appointment as the La. state scholastic chess coordinator comes with great opportunity and expectations. These opportunities are mainly for our La. Chess hopefuls in the scholastic division.  Conversations I have had with Cajun Chess proprietor and Chess organizer Jean Troendle, La. Scholastic Chess President, Louis Dudoussat, and Louisiana Chess Association president, Alex Steger, have my expectations for Louisiana Chess at an all time high!

Let me digress for a short and recommend parents to go to the Chess Magnet School, and register for a free trial. The Chess Magnet School offers a 30-day free trial and will provide lots of chess tactics training. Practice doesn’t make perfect, practice makes habit! Tactics are the heart and soul of chess that requires critical thinking skills, calculation, and pattern recognition. The Chess Magnet school provides an ideal online environment offering tactics patterns in the form of entertaining quizzes.

The childrens' room is where they can play other kids around the world over the computer for practice. I will also submit time when the kids can play me and top Louisiana players after school hours, once their school homework is done.  I will also attempt to organize matches against other schools around the world via this web site. Thanks to you all and we look forward to a great year.

 Also look for the profiles on scholastic players. Noteworthy performances were cashed in by several scholastic players in the Adult State Chess Championship contested in Baton Rouge over the Labor Day weekend. Scholastic Chess titan Dex Webster, has put together several noteworthy performances in adult tournaments in succession. Dex is coached by Ken Fergerson and exudes board presence and maturity beyond his years! This personal observation has come on the heels of my time spent with Dex at the recent Louisiana Chess Championship. In addition to producing a couple of upsets against players who were higher rated and many years his senior, Don demonstrated good vision, careful and insightful play. Don Webster, (the older twin) has produced his own share of adult upsets as well. Additionally, who can forget David Webster, (the younger brother of the Webster trio) and his board presence and patience at the ripe ole age of six! The Websters could very well be the first family of brothers to occupy the National Chess Player's best list for players under 10 years of age. Noteworthy performances have also been turned in by juniors, Kyle Hecker, Eli Karp, Simarpreet Chada, and David Huang. David gets extra press for smashing me in our game and handing me my third loss in the tournament. Go Dave! Games and analysis to follow soon. 

The Chess Gym Challenge is the newest thing to sweep the Louisiana Scholastic Chess scene. Scholastic internet chess matches against other scholastic players from around the world. Starting this week on, enter the childrens' room and select the players tab and look for the player, "TheChessGym."

I will then arrange matches between scholastic players of similar strength and age for rated internet matches. Here are two Chess Gym titans at "Chess and Nobles", oops I mean "Barnes and Chess", "Barnes and Nobles." Left is Tessa, "the Lioness" Nicosia vs. Sophia "the Tigress" Limcangco! Both players have engaged in online rated play against other Chess Gym scholastic players from Georgia. Log on and join and enter the childrens' room. Its free!

Coach Rene’ Phillips 2009/2010 La. Scholastic Coordinator


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Sep 29, 2009, 5:00 AM