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Secretary's Minutes from 2010 LCA Business Meeting

posted Sep 20, 2010, 3:02 PM by Louisiana Chess


I.                   The meeting was called to order by Secretary/Treasurer Adam Caveney.

II.                President Sid Souvey presented an introductory address.

III.             Secretary/Treasurer Caveney presented the 2009-2010 Treasurer’s report.  For privacy reasons, this report is not available online, but it can be obtained by any LCA member from Caveney upon request.  In general, the past year was good for the treasury and we have about $400 more in the treasury this year than we did last year.

IV.             The report from Louisiana USCF Delegate Patrick Hardy was presented.  The report contained an explanation of the major events that occurred at the USCF delegate’s meeting in California.  Details can be obtained from Hardy by LCA members upon request.

V.                In the absence of the outgoing Scholastic Coordinator, R.J. Tagorda gave a report on the state of scholastic chess in Louisiana.  In general, while there were a few problems with the scholastic state championship, scholastic chess in Louisiana was very strong in the past year, with many Louisiana students performing well at national competitions.

VI.             Elections for 2010-2011 LCA Officers and Board Members were held.  Showing a general consensus, all of the following officers and board members were elected unopposed:

President:                                      Sid Souvey

Vice-President:                             Bob Ballard

Sec./Treas.:                                  Adam Caveney

Scholastic Coordinator:                 R.J. Tagorda

New Orleans Area Board Rep.:    Jules LeBon

Baton Rouge Area Board Rep.:    Michael Crochet

Lafayette Area Board Rep.:          Jim MacManus

North Louisiana Board Rep.:        Matthew Ussery

Lake Charles Area Board Rep.:    Vacant (No Lake Charles area members were in attendandce).

VII.          It was explained that the Louisiana Delegate to the USCF and the alternate delegate were now being selected by the LCA instead of directly elected by Louisiana USCF members.  (This was a USCF rule change.)  The board then discussed whether the LCA should continue to provide a stipend to the USCF delegate to help defer expenses of attending the USCF delegates meeting.  A motion was proposed to bar the LCA from providing any stipend on the theory that all positions in the LCA were voluntary.  That motion failed.  A second motion was proposed providing for a $200 stipend for the USCF delegate for the 2011 delegate’s meeting.  That motion passed.  The delegate election was then held.  Patrick Hardy was elected the USCF delegate unopposed.  Jim MacManus was elected alternate delegate unopposed.

VIII.       President Sid Souvey announced that the deadline for submitting bids for holding the 2011 State Championship would be due on February 1, 2011.

IX.             The possibility of holding tournaments in the Baton Rouge area now that former LCA President Alex Steger has moved to Tennessee was discussed.  Michael Crochet, Board Representative for the Baton Rouge area stated that he might be able to hold tournaments in Baton Rouge.

X.                It was reported that the LCA had received a $400 donation from Cajun Chess to pay someone $100 per quarter to keep the LCA website updated.  At the time of the meeting, $200 (two quarters) had been paid to former website administrator Alex Steger.  A motion was made to continue paying a website administrator $100 per quarter when the donation money had been exhausted.  The motion passed.

XI.             Given Alex Steger’s move to Tennessee, the membership then discussed who should be appointed/elected the new website administrator.  Patrick Ballard was selected as the new website administrator unopposed.  North Louisiana Board Rep. Matthew Ussery also stated that he act as website administrator if necessary.

XII.          Newly elected Scholastic Coordinator R.J. Tagorda led a discussion of scholastic issues.  It was announced that whoever was awarded the authority to hold the state scholastic championship would have to have the flyer for that event (including the prize divisions and numbers of prizes) pre-approved by the scholastic coordinator and a committed that would be appointed to set a standard format for the state scholastic championship.  It was also established that Tagora, as scholastic coordinator had the authority to set a date for bids for scholastic state championship.  Tagorda stated that the deadline would be sometime this fall.

XIII.       There was further discussion about the state championship in future years.  The discussion did not result in any motions being proposed or passed.

XIV.       Jim Rousselle made a comment that he was impressed with the fighting chess he had seen at this year’s state championship.  A rare bout of modesty from the secretary prevents the person who was the focus of Rousselle’s comment from being reported in the minutes.

XV.          The meeting was adjourned.