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Secretary's Minutes (2011 LCA Business Meeting)

posted Sep 16, 2011, 7:13 AM by Louisiana Chess   [ updated Sep 21, 2011, 10:58 AM by Patrick Ballard ]

Secretary’s Minutes from the 2011 Louisiana Chess Association Business Meeting

  1. The meeting was called to order by Secretary/Treasurer Adam Caveney.

  1. President Sid Souvey presented an introductory address.

  1. Secretary/Treasurer Caveney presented the 2010-2011 Treasurer’s report. For privacy reasons, this report is not available online, but it can be obtained by any LCA member from Caveney upon request. In general, the past year was good for the treasury, but unfortunately Tropical Storm Lee depressed turnout at the 2011 to the point that the LCA lost a significant amount of money and the treasury is in serious trouble.

  1. Scholastic Coordinator R.J. Tagorda gave a report on the state of scholastic chess in Louisiana. In general, scholastic chess in Louisiana was very strong in the past year, with many Louisiana students performing well at national competitions. While Louisiana champions did not perform particularly well at national competitions of state champions, the future is in good shape as Louisiana players and teams did very well at open national events, with Tagorda reporting that Louisiana was probably now the fourth strongest scholastic state behind only much larger New York, California, and Texas.

  1. In old business, the membership agreed to offer the standard stipend of $200 to Louiusiana’s Denker and Polgar representatives. The membership agreed not to pay the previously passed stipend to the Louisiana USCF Delegate as he had requested it not to be paid because he could not attend the USCF Delegates meeting due to illness.

  1. Elections for 2010-2011 LCA Officers, Board Members, and USCF Delegate and Alternate Delegate were held. Showing a general consensus, all of the following officers and board members were elected unopposed:

President: Sid Souvey

Vice-President: Bob Ballard

Sec./Treas.: Adam Caveney

Scholastic Coordinator: R.J. Tagorda

New Orleans Area Board Rep.: Jules LeBon

Baton Rouge Area Board Rep.: J. Eryk Hargrove

Lafayette Area Board Rep.: Jim MacManus

North Louisiana Board Rep.: Matthew Ussery (appointed in absentia)

Lake Charles Area Board Rep.: Fred Boerman

USCF Delegate: Patrick Hardy

USCF Alternate Delegate: Mario Rodriguez

  1. It was reported that the LCA had received a $400 donation to pay someone $100 per quarter to keep the LCA website updated for the next year. A motion was made to continue paying a website administrator $100 per quarter when the donation money had been exhausted. The motion passed. A motion was presented to continue Patrick Ballard as the website administrator. The motion passed.

  1. Due to the financial problems of the LCA due to Tropical Storm Lee causing the state championship to lose a significant amount of money, a motion was raised to suspend all stipend payments to both state scholastic representatives and USCF Delegates until the treasury had $5,000 in it. The motion included a provision that the Board could approve a stipend to a state scholastic representative in the case of hardship. The motion passed after much discussion.

  1. It was proposed that the State Championship be moved to Memorial Day Weekend to avoid tropical weather. It was noted, however, that it was unclear whether hotel space was available at reasonable prices in New Orleans at that time, and it was also noted that the State Championship has been held on Labor Day Weekend for a long time. Given the lack of attendance at the meeting, it was agreed that the issue would be tabled for discussion next year when knowledge of the hotel space could be obtained and more members were present.

  1. It was proposed that Louisiana’s State Champion be awarded through a closed championship rather than the current open championship format. The issue was discussed and while the membership was receptive to the idea of a closed championship, the membership was not particularly in favor of selecting the official state champion in this manner. The issue was tabled for further discussion next year.

  1. It was proposed that the LCA run a City Championship in Baton Rouge to revive chess in that city as Baton Rouge chess has fallen off recently. It was noted that there is a relatively cheap site to hold a tournament there, at least in a one-day format. It was also noted that anyone wishing to hold such a tournament could hold such a tournament under the current rules as a TSP tournament. No motions were made or passed on the issue.

  1. Due to the fact that LCA dues have not been increased in over 20 years and the financial troubles of the LCA, it was proposed that LCA dues be increased. After much discussion, and over significant opposition, the membership voted to raised dues to $20 for adults and $10 for scholastic players, effective starting at next year’s state championship. The hold in raising the dues was made to allow the membership, if more show up at next year’s meeting, to vote to change the dues back at that time and refund any excess dues paid at next year’s state championship. It was also hoped that more people might show up at next year’s meeting if there was opposition to the dues increase.

  1. The meeting was adjourned.