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Secretary’s Minutes from the 2012 LCA Business Meeting

posted Sep 21, 2012, 7:01 AM by Louisiana Chess


I.                   The meeting was called to order by Secretary/Treasurer Adam Caveney.


II.                President Sid Souvey presented an introductory address.


III.             Secretary/Treasurer Caveney presented the 2011-2012 Treasurer’s report.  For privacy reasons, this report is not available online, but it can be obtained by any LCA member from Caveney upon request.  In general, the past year was not good for the treasury because Tropical Storm Lee depressed turnout at the 2011 to the point that the LCA lost a significant amount of money.  On the positive side, the LCA did well at the TSP events, the Pro-Am and the Paul Morphy Open.


IV.             Scholastic Coordinator R.J. Tagorda gave a report on the state of scholastic chess in Louisiana.  In general, scholastic chess in Louisiana was strong on quality, but short on quantity.  Louisiana scholastic players continued to do well in national competitions, including Dex Webster being the National 5th Grade Champion.  However, the lack of coaches in Louisiana available to coach at schools limited the number of schools participating in chess.


V.                In old business, the issue of membership dues was revived after due were raised last year to $20 for adults and $10 for scholastic players.  Caveney presented a proposed LCA Fiscal Sustainability Plan that involved all memberships being $15 among other things.  Voting was tabled until new business because some members did not want to vote on dues until services provided by the LCA were discussed.  In other old business, the weekend for the state championship was discussed.  By acclamation, players wanted to retain the seven-round format.  That generally allowed only three weekends: Memorial Day, Labor Day, and Thanksgiving.  Eryk Hargrove suggested a two-day seven-round format with the first four rounds being G/1.  That suggestion did not gain much support.  Each three-day weekend had problems: scholastic players do not all get Memorial Day off and are often in exams at that time; Labor Day Weekend is at the height of hurricane season; and Thanksgiving Weekend is a major family holiday with many people out of town.  After much discussion, by a significant majority, the membership voted to keep the tournament on Labor Day with Thanksgiving Weekend being the back-up plan in case of tropical weather on Labor Day.  The final matter of old business was whether to select the Louisiana State Champion in a closed, invitational format rather than the current open format.  The suggestion failed more or less by acclamation.


VI.             Elections for 2012-2012 LCA Officers, Board Members, and USCF Delegate and Alternate Delegate were held.  Showing a general consensus, all of the following officers and board members were elected unopposed:


President:                                      James Rouselle

Vice-President:                             Bob Ballard

Sec./Treas.:                                    Adam Caveney

Scholastic Coordinator:                R.J. Tagorda

New Orleans Area Board Rep.:    Sid Souvey

Baton Rouge Area Board Rep.:    Stuart Collins

Lafayette Area Board Rep.:         Jim MacManus

North Louisiana Board Rep.:        Vacant (will be filled by Presidential appointment)

Lake Charles Area Board Rep.:    Vacant (will be filled by Presidential appointment)

USCF Delegate:                            Mario Rodriguez

USCF Alternate Delegate:            Leila D’Aquin


VII.          During new business, it was announced that Patrick Ballard had agreed to continue to be the LCA website administrator and without compensation for the forthcoming year.  The motion to reappoint Patrick Ballard as LCA website administrator was passed by acclamation.  Patrick Ballard was awarded a free LCA membership for the upcoming year by acclamation.


VIII.       The LCA Fiscal Sustainability Plan (FSP) was considered in conjunction with another proposal by Caveney, the LCA Website Improvement Plan (WIP).  After much discussion and amendment of both proposals, both were passed as amended.  Dues remained at $20 for adults and $10 for scholastic players.  LCA membership no longer required for state scholastic championship.  LCA membership now required for all players in LCA membership required adult tournaments, whereas previously players in 8th grade or lower were not required to get LCA memberships.  Both the FSP and WIP, as amended and passed, are available on the LCA website.


IX.             Outgoing President Sid Souvey expressed concern about the lack of details presented in bids for the state championship.  It was pointed out that nobody had actually made a formal bid for the state championship in many years and the LCA basically had to ask people or chess clubs to hold it.  No motions were made or passed on this issue.


X.                The meeting was adjourned.

Louisiana Chess,
Sep 21, 2012, 7:01 AM