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Louisiana Youth Scores at National Schoastic Chess Championships

posted Jun 1, 2010, 1:54 PM by Alex Steger   [ updated Jun 16, 2014, 12:47 PM by Louisiana Chess ]
The cross tables below represent the final results for the National Scholastic Chess Championships played in Atlanta, Georgia this past
weekend. The Louisiana players made their mark winning titles in practically every chess championship category.  Louisiana talent
was so prevalent at this year’s Nationals, one would be hard-pressed to cite championship results a greater or equal to the performance
waged this past weekend. Stellar results were turned in by girls, Cecilia Tisserand, Amelia, and Anastasia Wyzywany in a sport
typically dominated by the boys. Cecilia tied for third in the K6 under 1000 and won 7th
 place Bughouse honors.

Amelia and Anastasia turned in solid performances in both the blitz and standard time control tournaments. 2010 marks the first time in my
memory that a female (Cecilia Tisserand) walked across the big stage at a National Chess Championship with a trophy despite girls
representing less than one percent of the tournament’s competitors. “You go girl!’ 

Now for the future of Louisiana Chess. The seven and eight year old “phenoms” stole the show. Get this, Holy Name of Jesus of New
Orleans took fourth place team championship in the K-3 CHAMPIONSHIP Division despite having a first and second grader on the
team. David Webster (1st grade) and Robert Curran (2nd Grade) literally “took one” for the team. Both players opted to play in the
hotly contested K3 championship division forgoing a possible National title playing kids their age, for the chance to win a team trophy
in an older group. The gamble paid off as Robert and David carried the older members of the plus scores during the seven rounds.
Robert(the pizza man-throw all my pieces at your King)  Curran scored 3 wins and one draw, while David (don’t tell anybody I am
seven playing against the Nation’s best nine-year olds) Webster secured 4 wins netting Holy Name of Jesus the huge fourth place team
trophy! Noteworthy performances was also turned in by seven year old Aqib (the Prince) Zakaria in both the K3 blitz and K3 under
800 where Aqib was undefeated after the first 5 rounds! The Holmes duo of Max and Si also turned in solid performances. Max aided
the Stuart Hall team of Charles Korndorffer, L.J. Gilyot, and Stephen Crocker earn 11th place team championship honors. 

Karl Hoefer probably turned in the arguably the best performance scoring six wins and one draw in the K5 under 900. This was the
largest and most heavily contested division of the entire 2010 K6 National Chess Championship with 371 contestants! Karl checked
and castled his way thru myriads of difficult positions and was undefeated after a marathon seven round tournament. Great focus was
required as each game could potentially last four hours. Great job Karl! Solid performances were turned in by our usual top players,
Andy Beams,  Dex Webster, L.J. Gilyot , and Charles Korndorffer. Dex Webster reeled in a big catch by waging the only draw in the
simul to GM Alexandra Kosteniuk Wow, I can’t wait until the Polgar World Championship next month in Las Vegas.

Coach Rene’ Phillips 
The Chess Gym