National Scholastic Chess Championship

The Chess Gym Competition Strategies



Play confidently and assertively regardless of who you are playing


Place your pieces on their optimum squares


Play to transpose to positions you understand well


Play moves with dual purposes and threats


Play intuitively and creatively


Play aggressively when the position calls for it


Play positional when the position calls for it


Play in-between moves when advantageous


Play to place ideas over memorization of variations


Play quickly and accurately


Play harder when ahead or winning



Play reservedly based on your opponent’s rating


Play passively and place your pieces randomly


Play over-confidently regardless of the opponent or position


Play sacrifices when a slow positional win leaving your opponent with no counter-play will do


Play moves that win material at the expense of compromising your King’s position


Play exchanges when the resulting position does not favor you


Play random moves or checks just because there was no obvious move in a position


Play a game against a weaker opponent while concentrating on a stronger for the next round


Play slowly when ahead expecting your opponent to resign