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Cecilia Tisserand wins Cajun Chess "all girls" tournament again!

posted Nov 23, 2009, 2:32 PM by Rene Phillips   [ updated Jun 16, 2014, 12:49 PM by Louisiana Chess ]

Cecilia Tisserand makes it 2 years in a row! Cecilia Tisserand entered the Cajun Chess All Girls tournament in 2008 relatively unknown among the local scholastic chess elite. Shortly after the end of the tournament, Cecilia would escape the walls of obscurity and break onto the local chess scene with a bang. Mrs. Jean of Cajun Chess advised that the girls tournament of 2008 with its 40 girl combatants, was the largest attended girls tournament in Louisiana ever as far as her recollection goes. Cecilia chose this crowded format to stamp her name in Louisiana Chess by winning the tournament with a perfect score of 5-0! Why the history you ask? Well, last year’s accomplishment pales in comparison to this year’s feat. Despite the tournament only having 20 contestants, the competition was very fierce. Cecilia entered into the Cajun Chess All Girl’s tournament 2009 in the wrong section by accident. Cecilia was mistakenly entered into the K-12 division and mounted a 4-0 championship performance despite playing girls in the older division. Congrats to Cecilia Tisserand for another outstanding performance. We will attempt to feature one of the games from Cecilia’s arsenal in the upcoming blog.